This year’s edition of Forbes “30 Under 30” has its new hero.

This year’s edition of Forbes “30 Under 30” list has its new winner. Rafal Modrzewski, the Founder and CEO of ICEYE - a company with total funding of over 65 million dollars - is now placed on the cover of Forbes’ magazine.

In fact, being the most funded Space-tech company in Europe and having advisers like Jim Cantrell (Co-Founder of SpaceX), Michael Baum (Founder & CEO of Splunk), ICEYE is the very first and only company that launched SAR microsatellites successfully.

By the end of 2020, the company will launch 8 more satellites, pushing it further away from the competition. We are proud and extremely happy to have ICEYE in OTB’s portfolio.

*** In 2018 OTB invested in ICEYE in $34m Series B Financing, alongside investors such as True Ventures, Draper Nexus, Draper Associates and Seraphim Capital.