Account to Account payment infrastructure

kevin. aims to evolve traditional card, pay by link, POS, direct debit, and online payments. Offering fully customisable solutions which scale to the size of any business, kevin. helps improve customer experience and thereby conversion, while also saving money on the cost of payment acquiring services for the merchants.



Cloud manufacturing platform

Fractory is an automated on-demand metal components manufacturing platform connecting engineering and manufacturing companies in a seamless pricing, ordering, processing and delivery workflow. It digitizes and automates the metal fabrication market leading to cost savings, more convenient process, faster lead times and and decreased wastage and carbon footprint.



Fraud Detection

Scalarr platform detects and protects against mobile advertising fraud and enables its clients to save millions of USD in marketing budgets that would be otherwise spent for artificial, non-human, fraudulent traffic. Leveraging machine learning algorithms enables company to reach detection accuracy of 97% and to uncover new, previously unknown fraud patterns.



Compliance Automation

Ondato provides a complete, end-to-end authentication & compliance management suite for Know Your Customer (KYC) & Know Your Business (KYB) procedure. Company helps to identify private individuals and legal entities, review data registers, sanction lists & PEPs and fully authenticate the client in line with the highest security and regulatory requirements.



SAR Imaging Micro-Satellites

ICEYE is building a satellite-based service to provide the world with access to near-real-time imagery from space. Our synthetic aperture radar (SAR) instrument can capture images through clouds, darkness and other obscuring elements, making it more reliable for operational use than optical camera systems.



Satellite Imagery Analytics

A platform that empowers decision-makers with analysis of satellite images. SpaceKnow uses commercial imagery from satellite operators in order to provide targeted industrial and geographic intelligence.



Offline Behavioural Analytics

AI location data analytics platform for targeting offline customers via online channels. The company's location-based solution bridges the gap enabling analysis of customer behavior and assigns each customer to predefined segments.



Automated Process Mining

Minit is a provider of automated process discovery and mapping software (Process Mining), which is used to build the ‘as-is’ models of actual business processes of an organization. Using a combination of visualization techniques and data analysis, it detects bottlenecks and identifies potential areas for process improvement.



Beyond End2End Test Automation

Segron is a provider of service Quality Assurance for industries in digital transformation. Thanks to their patented AI based product, they are enable testing for any digital service in any location using any type of device. 
The company serve several industries from Telco to finance and automotive and accelerate time-to-market while reducing cost for QA.



Anti-money Laundering Automation 

RegTech company that is passionate about using big data analytics and cutting edge technology to revolutionise the way companies protect themselves from criminals, terrorists and money launderers. Using artificial intelligence SilentEight helps financial institutions manage their compliance and risk obligations and prevent the occurrence of financial crime.



Hyperpersonalization in Digital Banking

FintechOS is a digital platform for financial institutions (banks and insurers) for creating personalized digital products. The platform allows for the building of white-label, customer-facing interfaces and provides middleware to automate relevant product-related workflows. The main value of FintechOS lies in giving banks insights into their customers’ data and enabling them to create personalized offers.




Speech Enhancement

Babblelabs' solution improves the quality of audio by removing virtually all unwanted noises such as traffic, crowds, wind, & machinery, while preserving speech quality and clarity. It is able to reduce background noise by a factor of 10x with no reduction in speech quality.

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